Conference Proceedings

Conference Title Location Date Reports
41st Annual Conference (2015)
The Three Most Important Considerations in Testing: Validity, Validity, Validity
University of Kansas, Lawrence KS, United States of America 11–15 October, 2015 view
40th Annual Conference (2014)
Assessment Innovations for the 21st Century
Singapore, Singapore May 25 - 30, 2014 view
39th annual conference (2013)
Educational Assessment 2.0: Technology in Educational Assessment
Tel Aviv, Israel Oct, 20-25, 2013 view
38th annual conference (2012)
Designing the assessment of learning outcomes to make positive impact on individuals and institutions
Astana, Kazakhstan Sep 16-21, 2012 view
37th annual conference (2011)
Assessment and the Challenge of Globalization
Manila, Philippines 23/11-28/11 2011 view
36th annual conference (2010)
Assessment for the future generations
Bangkok, Thailand 20/8 - 27/8 2010 view
35th annual conference (2009)
Assessment for a creative world
Brisbane, Australia 13/9-18/9 2009 view
34th annual conference (2008)
Re-interpreting Assessment: Society, Measurement and Meaning
Cambridge, United Kingdom 7/9 - 12/9 2008 view
33rd annual conference (2007)
Mutual dependence of National estimation systems and education standards
Baku, Azerbaiijan 16/9-21/9 2007 view
32nd annual conference (2006)
Assessment in an Era of Rapid Change: Innovations and Best Practices
Singapore, Singapore 21/5-26/5 2006 view


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