Membership of the International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA)

The International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA), founded in 1975, is a not for profit, non-governmental association of educational measurement agencies around the world. The general purpose of IAEA is to improve the quality of education by assisting educational agencies in the development and appropriate application of educational assessment techniques. IAEA believes that this is best achieved through international cooperation and is committed to facilitate the development of closer ties among the relevant agencies and individuals around the world. IAEA believes that such international cooperation can help nations learn from each other with respect for their cultural autonomy.

Its primary objectives are:

IAEA has consultative status with UNESCO in the achievement of mutual goals.

The benefits of IAEA membership are:

There are three types of membership:

Membership fees and benefits

Primary members Affiliate members Individual A members Individual B members
Annual fee (2010) $450 $500 $160 $40
2 years $850 $950 $310 $80
3 years $1.200 $1.350 $450 $120
Table 1: Membership fees
Primary members Affiliate members Individual A members Individual B members
Reduced Conference fee (± 10%) yes yes yes yes
Free subscription to the journal Assessment in Education (4 issues per year) 1 copy 1 copy 1 copy No
Voting rights Yes no no no
Table 2: Membership benefits

All applications for membership are screened by the Executive Committee which may grant provisional membership. Applications for permanent membership are decided by the Primary members of IAEA at the first business meeting following the application. Questions of eligibility for membership are resolved by the Board of Trustees (Executive Committee).

Joining the IAEA

After submitting your details to the IAEA, you should receive a reply with a form to complete your registration. This form can also be downloaded here. Completed forms should be sent to the IAEA treasurer by regular mail. You will receive login details to this site as soon as IAEA receives payment of you membership fee. Using these datails you will be able to update your, or your organisation's, details at any time. You will also have access to member-only information on this website.

Before joining...

Please ensure that your email client will accept emails from the domain and NOT treat them as spam.

Please read the guidelines below.


If you want to apply for membership on behalf of your organisation please follow the link below:

Organisational membership


If you want to apply for individual membership for yourself only, please follow the link below:

Individual membership

Membership guidelines

The Association wishes to reduce membership administration and banking costs and to make more efficient use of the association's income. Therefore the advanced payment will be introduced. The decision has also been made to increase the number of issues of the Assessment in Education journal from three to four each year.

The following changes have therefore been drawn up. This decision was taken at the IAEA business meeting of 17 September 2009 in Brisbane:

  1. As of 2010, membership fees are as follows:
      primary member $ 450
      individual member A1 $ 160
      individual member B $ 40
      affiliate member $ 500
  2. Advance payment of membership fees over several years results in the following reduced fees:
      primary member 2 years $ 850
    3 years $ 1200
      individual member A 2 years $ 310
    3 years $ 450
      affiliate member 2 years $ 950
    3 years $ 1350
  3. The following payment regulations apply to new members:
    • the full membership fees for the year in question are due for new members joining before 1 September.
    • for a new member joining after 1 September, membership fees are due as of 1 January of the following year.
    • new members who join during the annual conference receive a 10% reduction in the membership fees for that year, as long as payment is made in cash.
  4. Membership runs from 1 January to 31 December.
  5. Members must pay their membership fees for the current year during the annual conference at the latest.
  6. Invoices for membership fees are sent as follows:
    • initial invoice sent around 1 October of the preceding year
    • reminder sent around 1 January
    • demand sent around 1 March
  7. Payments overdue by more than one year and not madeby the end of the next year's conference, will result in the immediate withdrawal of all membership rights.
  8. Payments overdue by more than two years will result in the Executive Committee making a proposal at the next members' meeting to end the membership.
(1) Individual Members are individuals with a professional interest in educational assessment. Individual members A work in the field of educational assessment, and Individual members B are students or retirees. A student is a person enrolled in a full time graduate degree program as their primary professional activity. A retiree is a person who, due to age, disability or other conditions beyond his or her control no longer holds active employment in the education profession, other than having occasional paid consultancies or teaching on a limited, part-time basis.