Conference papers

Astana 38th annual conference (2012)
38th annual conference (2012)
Thomas Christie,
Syed Muhammad Fahad Latifi,
A multidimensional approach to the identification of test bias: exploration of three multiple-choice SSC papers in Pakistan View
Thomas Christie,
Syed Muhammad Fahad Latifi,
A multidimensional approach to the identification of test fairness View
Age and gender differences in temperament-based learning styles among Nigerian children View
Pativisan, Supattra
Chaiyapo, Somruetai
Dechsri, Precharn
Duangkamon Wannaweerachote,
An Evaluation of Science Textbooks View
Tursynbayevich, Abdykhalikov Aidos
Gazizovna, Sadvakassova Mira Gazizovna
Assessing the level of state language proficiency of the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan by testing method View
Deneen, Christopher C.
Assessment change in higher education: The impact of a hidden assessment culture. View
Woki Wachira,
Assessment practices in Kenyan primary schools and their effect on learning View
Lim Shok Hoon,
Chew Chih Hsien Bryden,
Assessment Through Evaluating Sources in Social Studies View
Skabayeva, Tolkyn
Intymakov, Turakty
Altynbayeva, Sh. B.
Bailova, A.A.
Conducting the entrance examinations for postgraduate students. View
Cumberbatch, Glenroy
Creating high stakes tests that have a positive effect on instruction and performance n/a
Creating high-stakes tests that have positive effects on instruction View
Irene Ovekairi Iluobe,
Critical Issue: Improving Classroom Assessment in Secondary Schools in Nigeria View
Wasanga, Paul M.
Joyce G. Ndege,
Designing the assessment of learning outcomes to make positive impact on individuals and institutions View
Differential validity of the GAT Admission test in Saudi Arabia View
Ojerinde, Dibu Prof.
Effects of Repeating Attempts at the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) Among Nigerian Candidates View
Ojerinde, Dibu Prof.
Lawal, Yusuf
Aisha D. Dahiru,
Gani O. Abd’rahim,
Equitable distribution of admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria: a panacea for unity in diversity and nation building View
Wyatt-Smith, Claire Professor
Colbert, Peta
Essential assessment literacies for teachers: A focus on learning improvement and accountability View
Kleintjes, Frans
Moelands, Henk
Tynybaeva, Madina
Mozhayeva, Olga
Ethics of Education: Fair Selection An Example from Kazakhstan View
Al-Yaqoobi, Wafa
Al-Aradi, Abdulridha Ali
Alsayed, Noor
Evaluating the impact of the Bahrain National Examinations: teacher and student perceptions View
Acana, Sylvia
Exploring the relationship between teacher competence and student achievement to improve classroom instruction View
Skabayeva, Tolkyn
External Assessment in Higher Education View
Format of entrance examinations to higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan in the transition to 12-year education. View
Sa’eda Buang, Dr.
From laissez-faire to standardized tests to holistic assessment: Efforts to infuse “authentic intellectual quality” into the Malay language assessment tasks in Singapore View
Burge, Bethan
Helping teachers make the most of classroom assessment View
Oude Oosterik, Jasmijn
How to provide school boards with information about learning outcomes; one of the most important aspects of the quality of education in their schools? A new development in Cito’s Monitoring and Evaluation System for primary education View
Malach, Josef
Malcik, Martin
Pavlica, Karel
Identifying Factors that Affect Pupils’ Success in Learning Based on the Measuring of Education Results View
Yap Wah Choo,
Tan Hwa Mei,
Matt Richards,
Matt Haigh,
Helen Eccles,
Implementing e-assessment in Singapore: The student experience. View
Improving educational assessment in Nigerian school system: implication for ODLS View
Nisbet, Isabel
Improving end-of-school assessments and examinations: What do we mean by “good”? View
Olatunde A. Aworanti,
Improving the quality of assessment instruments in technical and vocational education through application of item response theory (IRT) View
Zelman, M.
Avdeeva, S.
Vasiliev, Kirill Dr.
Shmis, Tigran Dr.
Integration of Evidence-Centered Design and Universal Design Principles in Developing Information and Communication Literacy Assessment View
Ermekov Nurmukhambet,
Lubov Drobysheva,
International assessment tests development of functional literacy of students in Kazakhstan: first results, experience and prospects View
Shaw, Stuart
Helen Imam,
Language awareness in assessment and teaching: Cambridge bilingual research and support View
FU, Tak-wah
YIP Wang, Steven
Outcome Based Assessment View
Bennett, Randy Elliot
Preparing for the Future: What Educational Assessment Must Do A Summary Paper View
Obioma, Godswill
Reforms in the Nigerian 9-year basic education curriculum: implications for school-based assessment View
Hudson, Graham
Supporting Quality Control in Examinations through the use of Technology View
Austine Aidokhai,
Comfort Agwu,
Patrick Areghan,
Test administration procedures of public examinations in Nigeria: implications for the west african senior school certificate examination View
Cohen, Yoav Dr.
Testing and Cognitive Enhancement View
Wiegers, Jan
The development of the Cito Code of Ethics (year 2007 – 2012) View
Mammadova, Narmina PhD
Batyeva Afiga,
The dynamics of the development process of measuring and control materials in SCSA View
Mukanov, B. B.
Bulavina, A. I.
Aliakparova, M
The implementation of testing technology in the certification of teaching staff View
Balykbaev Takhir Ospanovich,
The introduction of the Unified National Test in the Republic of Kazakhstan View
Amjed Al Owaidah, Dr.
Abdulrahman al-Shamrani, Dr.
The National Center for Assessment in Higher Education: Its Role in Developing a Standardized Test for Arabic Proficiency in Speakers of other Languages (STAPSOL) View
The Role of Credential Evaluation in Educational Assessment View
Aliyev, Natig
Aydin Gasymov,
Khanlar Khanlarzade,
The State Students Admission Commission Republic of Azerbaijan View
Ben-Simon, Anat
The Structure of Language Abilities and Language Disabilities View
Hermans, Peter Mr.
The use and misuse of assessment data in test-based accountability systems View
Paul Warwick,
Johnson, Martin
Shaw, Stuart
Understanding Assessment for Learning values and practices across diverse contexts View


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