Conference papers

University of Kansas, Lawrence KS 41st Annual Conference (2015)
41st Annual Conference (2015)
Baykal, Ali
A Preoperative Index for Construct Validity View
Kabugi, Peterson W.
An evaluation of information and communication technology in improving validity of assessment items in test development View
Onjewu, Martha A Dr
An evaluation of the awareness of the need to ensure validity in the continuous assessment component of examination by some Lecturers of Kaduna Polytechnic View
Tuitina, Nazgul
Ismailova, Indira
Analytical report as a tool in ensuring the validity of examinations View
Okemwa, Kennedy
Application of Technology in Validation of Examination in Developing Economies: Kenya’s Context View
Ojerinde, Dibu Prof.
Ojo, Francis
Ifewulu, Chidinma B.
Popoola, Kunmi
Ascertaining the Credibility of Assessment Instruments through the Application of Item View
Philpot, Ray
Assessing ICT literacy via computer View
Afemikhe, O.A. Prof.
Imobekhai, Sylvanus
Ogbuanya, Theresa Chinyere
Assessment of valid science practical skills for Nigerian secondary schools: Teachers’ practices and militating factors View
Ojerinde, Dibu Prof.
Popoola, Kunmi
Onyeneho, Patrick
Ifewulu, Chidinma B.
Best Practice in Handling Cases of Missing or Incomplete Values in Data Analysis: A Guide against Eliminating Other Important Data View
Ndalichako, Joyce Lazaro
Conceptualization and Implementation of Continuous Assessment in Tanzania: Fit for the purpose? View
Vaidya, Gayatri K.
Content validation and rubric development of language tools tested in multi-state multi-language project: Challenges Faced View
Ndifon, Beatrice Ojong Mrs
Umoinyang, Imo Edet Prof.
Idiku, Friday Ogar Dr.
Differential item functioning of 2010 junior secondary school certificate mathematics examination in Southern Educational zone of Cross River State, Nigeria View
Secolsky, Charles
Karelitz, Tzur M.
Dismantling Face Validity - Why the Concept Must Live On, But the Term Must Finally Die View
Olutola, Adekunle Thomas Ph. D.
Empirical analysis of item difficulty and discrimination indices of senior school certificate multiple choice biology tests in Nigeria View
Okonkwo, Charity
Evaluation of Validity of Computer Based Test Items in National Open University of Nigeria View
Ugodulunwa, Christiana Prof
Abiodun Adeyemo, Amos
Factorial Validation of an Academic Environment Scale for Undergraduate Education Students in Jos, Nigeria View
Obade, Elizabeth A
Factors influencing Validity of Classroom Test Construction and Challenges experienced by trainers in Early Childhood Development and Education Programmes, Nairobi County, Kenya View
Harrington, Steve
Corcoran, Sarah
How do you use technology to improve flexibility in assessment and maintain high standards of validity? View
Oladipupo, Moses
Improving validity of test items through credible and robust trial testing exercise: Neco approach View
Anyanwu, Emmanuel I.
Onwuakpa, Felix Ikechukwu Williams Dr
Improving Validity of Tests through Improved Test Development Procedures View
Koh, Kim Hong
Hadden, Judi
Parks, Colleen
Integrating Technology into Mathematics Teachers’ Design and Use of Authentic Assessments View
Opposs, Dennis
Is it valid to treat assessment grades from different subjects the same? View
Ojerinde, Dibu Prof.
Popoola, Kunmi
Ifewulu, Chidinma B.
Onyeneho, Patrick
Measuring Change in UTME Use of English through Pre and PostTest Analysis View
Mozhayeva, Olga
Shilibekova, Aidana
Bazarbekova, Zhanat
Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Graduates’ opinions as a factor of validity in the development of educational processes and assessment of learning outcomes View
Otieno, Andrew F
New Parameterization of the T Score Values: A Case Study of the Standardization of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Examination View
Afemikhe, O.A. Prof.
Imobekhai, Sylvanus
Nigerian teachers’ utilization of test construction procedures for validity improvement of achievement tests View
Mikayelyan, Onik
Mikayelyan, Sona
On the issue of validity View
Abilov, Rustam
Kleintjes, Frans
Baimyrza, Miras
Kulbayeva, Dariya
Rakhymbayeva, Zamira
Dieteren, Nico
Kamphuis, Frans
Progress in the validation of high stakes assessment: the case of Selection test for Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools in Kazakhstan View
Ajibade, Olayinka Omoladun Mrs
Oyejide, Ayodele Peters
Staff Perception of the Adoption of ICT for the Management of Data on Examination Malpractice View
Anikweze, Charles M. Prof.
Survey of teachers' attitude to the validity of instruments used for continuous assessment of basic education in north central geo-political zone of Nigeria View
Secolsky, Charles
Buchanan, William
Drane, Walt
The Evolution of Validity and Modern Psychometrics: Do We Need to Revisit Item Validity? View
Chidimma Adamma, Anya
Mayanchi, M.L.
The Factor Structure of the Giftedness Assessment Instrument (GAI) as an Identification measure of Giftedness View
Eguridu, Charles
Dacosta, O.F. Dr.
The impact of technology on the validity of assessment in large scale public examinations View
Mussarova Venera,
Jandarova, Aigul
Ulanova, Dinara
Aitbayeva, Aigerim
Validation in assessment and certification system within courses for school teacher development – Kazakhstan experience View
Kyagaba, Dan
Validity Concerns in Education Assessment and the Competence of the Classroom Teacher: An Overview of the Uganda Classroom Teacher Competence View
Umezulike, Nneka Dr
Idowu O. Eluwa, Dr.
Validity in the teaching - Learning process: a call for curriculum reforms View
Wade, Neil
Abrahams, Ian
Validity issues in the reform of a practical science assessment: An English case study View
Agommuoh, P. C.
Akanwa, U.N.
Validity of Nigeria’s Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, Physics Computer- Based Tests: Threats and Opportunities View
Abilov, Rustam
Issabekova, Assem
Dyussenova, Anara
Coops, Jesse
Validity of the assessment approach in the monitoring system for languages View
Schultz, Cathy
What Might Teachers’ Conceptions of Assessment Mean for Validity in High-Stakes, School-Based Assessment? View
Wakjissa, Sayita G.
Ugodulunwa, Christiana Prof
What Teachers Know about Validity of Classroom Tests: Evidence from a University in Nigeria View


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