38th annual conference (2012)

Designing the assessment of learning outcomes to make positive impact on individuals and institutions

The implementation of testing technology in the certification of teaching staff 845.00 KB 1 downloads

The status of special attention is given to the teaching staff in Kazakhstan.  ,The...

The introduction of the Unified National Test in the Republic of Kazakhstan 78.50 KB 5 downloads

The report focuses on one of the stages of testing introduction in education system...

The Role of Credential Evaluation in Educational Assessment 512.45 KB 1 downloads

As student mobility increases throughout the world, and the competition for students...

The State Students Admission Commission Republic of Azerbaijan 49.00 KB 1 downloads

The admission examination to the master’,s level in the Republic of Azerbaijan...

The Structure of Language Abilities and Language Disabilities 207.05 KB 5 downloads

MATAL is a computer-based test battery for the diagnosis of learning disabilities...

The use and misuse of assessment data in test-based accountability systems 12.79 KB 6 downloads

During the 2011 conference in the Philippines, CITO organised a discussion group...

Understanding Assessment for Learning values and practices across diverse contexts 397.00 KB 2 downloads

This research builds on earlier work which explored the complexities surrounding...