48th Annual Conference Call for Papers

The 48th IAEA conference in collaboration with CXC® will include inception workshops, keynote addresses, symposium, and open paper and poster presentations. We welcome submissions for open and poster presentations. All submissions will be reviewed by the Conference Paper Review Committee considering its scientific quality and relevance within the conference theme.

Digitalisation: a panacea for exam cheating, or not yet?

Exam cheating and stealing is one of the major manifestations of corruption in the education sector. It has become an expression of a serious breakdown in the cultural fibre of society leading to the erosion of confidence in the education system, the integrity of exams and the quality of students admitted to tertiary institutions, who later graduate to join the labour market and the federal civil service with credentials earned in an unethical way. Source: universitynews.com

Whitepaper: What’s preventing the change to digital assessment?

Given the experiences acquired over the past two years, there is much interest within the industry to see how learning and assessment transform and evolve. To explore this in more detail, RM, in partnership with the International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA), launched a research report looking at the global digital assessment landscape in a post-pandemic world. This whitepaper is based on the findings of that research report. Source: RM

NCME Educational Measurement and Assessment Book Series, call for chapter authors, proposals due January 1, 2023

NCME has commissioned two new open-access edited volumes focused on an emerging issue in educational testing and assessment: culturally and socially responsive assessment. One volume will focus on theoretical foundations and policy implications of socioculturally responsive assessment. The second will focus on practical considerations in development and implementation. More information here (LinkedIn)

Consultation launched into future of Scottish exams and qualifications

The consultation will last until December 16, is looking for views on the balance of exams and other forms of assessment, recognising the achievements of a wider range of pupils, how technology can be used and how the system can best be used to demonstrate the “strengths and achievements” of learners. Read more at: heraldscotland.com

Math Scores Fell in Nearly Every US State, and Reading Dipped

U.S. students in most states and across almost all demographic groups have experienced troubling setbacks in both math and reading, according to an authoritative national exam released on Monday, offering the most definitive indictment yet of the pandemic’s impact on millions of schoolchildren. In math, the results were especially devastating, representing the steepest declines ever recorded on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, known as the nation’s report card, which tests a broad sampling of fourth and eighth graders and dates to the early 1990s. Read more at: nytimes.com

The 48th Annual IAEA Conference

The 48th Annual International Association for Educational Assessment  (IAEA) Conference will take place on September 24 – 29, 2023 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. The conference will be held under the theme “Digitizing Assessments and Credentials”. Visit the conference website