IAEA 49th Annual Conference update

The International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA) is excited to announce that this year’s conference will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., from September 22 through September 25, 2024. ETS, one of the founding organizations of the IAEA, will be hosting the conference. For more information check this page

IAEA Standards Webinars

After years of development work, the IAEA is happy to launch its International Standards for Educational Assessment Organisations (the Standards) in May 2024, with the aim of providing a set of benchmarks of good practices for use by member associations. The Standards are also aligned to the vision of IAEA to contribute towards and facilitate organisations in improving assessments and examination systems. A webinar will be conducted to officiate the launching of the Standards twice on Wednesday, 22 May, 2024. The content will be the same, but two times—9 am and 5pm London time—will be offered for the convenience of…

2024 IAEA Conference Being Rescheduled

Unfortunately, the 2024 conference of the International Association of Educational Assessment (IAEA) will no longer take place in India from September 22 to 27, 2024.  We understand that this comes as a surprise, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The Board of Trustees is discussing alternative arrangements, including different dates and locations, and will provide an update as soon as possible.

Standardized Tests: A New Tool to Promote Diversity in Higher Education

Dartmouth College made headlines on February 5, 2024, with its announcement to once again require applicants to submit standardized testing scores. This decision marks a return to traditional admissions criteria and highlights a broader national conversation surrounding the fairness and efficacy of standardized testing in college admissions. b Source: bowditch.com

Türkiye’s 1st joint exam kicks off this week

The Turkish Ministry of National Education on Monday announced the start of joint exams for middle school students on Dec. 26 and high school students on Dec. 27 across the country as part of a comprehensive initiative aimed at enhancing the quality of education and fostering a sense of unity among educational institutions. Source: dailysabah.com

TOEFL to be offered as personalised test based on individual backgrounds?

Statistically, theres no significant difference. However, it would be better if, when registering for the test, you could indicate your specific needs, like applying for a journalism programme, and the test could adapt to assess higher-level writing skills, for instance, he said. Sharma informed that ETS is also looking at personalisation based on background.For example, students from India might be strong in written English but need improvement in spoken English. Source: devdiscourse.com

A new cheating technique has professors outmatched—and no, it’s not ChatGPT

In the changing world of education, online academic resources such as Chegg.com have become the go-to websites for help with schoolwork.  However, these platforms can also be used to find answers to test questions, breaking the code of academic integrity. Surprisingly, many professors are unaware of how these websites can be misused due to a lack of familiarity with the rapidly changing technology. Source: phys.org