Turkey: Ministry abolishes written exams in primary schools

In a recent major shift, the Turkish Education Ministry has announced the abolition of written examinations at the primary school level, replacing them with a system predicated on the periodic evaluation of students’ performance. more at: Türkiye News

How Common is Cheating in Online Exams and did it Increase During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Academic misconduct is a threat to the validity and reliability of online examinations, and media reports suggest that misconduct spiked dramatically in higher education during the emergency shift to online exams caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This study reviewed survey research to determine how common it is for university students to admit cheating in online exams, and how and why they do it. Source: Springer.com (open access)

How to make sense of ‘grade deflation’ as A grades fall

“Put simply, grade inflation means awarding students higher grades than they deserve – where their just deserts might be determined on the basis of their achievements prior to the final examinations and their recent efforts on the course.” More at: The Conversation

Schools shut, exams cancelled: War shatters Sudan’s education sector

When war in Sudan’s capital forced Sarah al-Sharif and her family to flee, the 19-year-old information technology student left her books and computer behind. Now in Sennar, 30km (18 miles) southeast of Khartoum, she lacks a stable internet connection or passport to travel abroad and like many others sees no way of continuing her studies while fighting between rival military factions rages. Read more (Reuters): Schools shut, exams cancelled: War shatters Sudan’s education sector

Book: Examination Standards

Examination standards: How measures and meanings differ around the world Edited by Jo-Anne Baird, Tina Isaacs, Dennis Opposs and Lena Gray (more…)