Theoretical Issues of Using Simulations and Games in Educational Assessment

Title: Theoretical Issues of Using Simulations and Games in Educational Assessment Author: Taylor & Francis Group Publisher: Routledge Release Date: August 27, 2021 Pages: 272 Presenting original studies and rich conceptual analyses, this volume reports on theoretical issues involved in the use of simulations and games in educational assessment. Chapters consider how technologies can be used to effectively assess, modify, and enhance learning and assessment in education and training. By highlighting theoretical issues arising from the use of games and simulations as assessment tools for selection and classification, training, and evaluation across educational and workplace contexts, the volume offers both…

Education School or home? Location dilemma for ICSE, ISC semester exams

he choice offered by the ICSE council of whether a student will appear for the semester 1 exam from home or from school has posed a dilemma for examinees, parents and schools. The council has said in a circular to schools: “It may be noted that candidates can take these examinations either from School, or from Home. While the preference would be to take the examination from the school, with the parent’s consent being mandatory, the examination could also be taken from the candidates’ home. The word ‘preference’ has added to the confusion. The word ‘preference’ has added to the confusion. Source: Telegraph…

Pandemic-hit IELTS English language test rolls out at-home exams 

The International English Language Testing System – used by students around the world to gain entry into anglophone study programmes and universities – has announced it will begin an at-home testing service. The online version will have the same content and format as the pen-and-paper tests currently offered by the company, as well as a “real-time face-to-face speaking test”, to be delivered online by examiners. Source: Times Higher Education 

India’s Rajasthan shuts down or resticts internet for 25 million people to stop students cheating in REET exams

More than 25 million people across the Indian state of Rajasthan faced government-mandated internet shutdowns and restrictions on Sunday, in an effort to prevent cheating in a mass exam. Hundreds of thousands of candidates sat the Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test (REET), an exam that paves the way to employment as a primary or secondary school teacher at government-run schools. It’s a coveted position that comes with generous benefits — and the exam hasn’t been held in Rajasthan since 2018, which could be one reason there were so many candidates on Sunday. more on: CNN

To be fair, we can do better than exams

Exams may be fair, but young people’s educational experiences leading to them are not. That’s why we must reform our qualifications system, says Jo-Anne Baird. “A different definition of fairness would entail openness to diversity and allowing for different ways of achieving the required standards” More in: Schoolsweek

Why we need a national conversation about assessment

As we emerge from the pandemic, we owe young people a national conversation to review how we assess them, writes Jo-Anne Baird. “Only having end-of-course exams left the system vulnerable during the pandemic. Pupils’, parents’ and teachers’ concerns for equity, transparency and access should be heeded as we look to the future.” continue reading @:

England’s school assessment system favours the sharp-elbowed and the wealthy

This week, a Tes survey to which more than 2,800 teachers responded found that one in four had experienced parents pressuring them to raise grades – including threats of legal action if their little darlings didn’t get what they needed, and parents who happened to be solicitors emailing in pointedly from work addresses. Things seemed particularly intense in private schools, where families may have imagined their fees were buying them A*s. Read more in The Guardian

Scottish Qualifications Authority to be scrapped after OECD review

The Scottish Qualifications Authority is to be replaced as part of a “substantial” overhaul of education, following an independent review.The government said changes would be made in response to the OECD’s report on the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE). It backed the curriculum as a whole but said there was too much focus on exams in later years of schooling. The exams body is to be broken up and replaced, with pupils, parents and teachers to be consulted on changes. Source: BBC News

CBSE 12th Board Exams 2021 Live Updates

Will CBSE Cancel 12th Exams 2021? When would UP Board Exams be conducted? Maharashtra HSC, ISC Exams to be conducted or not? What are the new exam dates for JEE Main 2021 and NEET 2021? Government has called for a high level meeting of all state education ministers to discuss the pending 12th Board Exams as well as the entrance exams for various professional courses. Check live updates. Source: