Taking learning objects in new directions: models for assessment

The Le@rning Federation (TLF) project employs emerging technologies to produce online curriculum content to encourage student learning and support teachers in Australian and New Zealand schools. TLF has adopted the learning object model for its online interactive content. Learning objects are ‘chunks’ of digital material - for example graphics, text, audio, animation, interactive tools - specifically designed to engage and motivate student learning. Several assessment models are proposed to demonstrate how these chunks can be re-purposed to specifically assess student learning. The models have the common purpose of assessing targeted teaching and learning outcomes: students are afforded opportunities to develop and demonstrate these learning outcomes as they interact with the learning object. Capturing and assessing the learning that has taken place as the student interacts with the learning object is the principle that underpins each assessment model proposed. It is by capturing students’ responses as they interact with the learning objects that insights into student learning can be gained. By establishing what the learner knows – and is able to do – through engaging with a learning object, the next appropriate learning task can be identified: to either extend learning, or to target areas requiring additional support for students in their learning.


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