Outcomes of the 2022 nominations and elections

In all cases, there were nominations for positions. Furthermore, there were nominations for all vacancies and no excess nominations. This meant that there was no need for elections. We congratulate:

  1. Mary Pitoniak from ETS on becoming the next IAEA President and
  2. Shehzad Jeeva from Aga Khan University Examination Board on becoming the Vice President.

Shehzad  Jeeva’s appointment created an additional vacancy for a Full Institutional Member on the Board of Trustees. Hence there were three vacancies and three nominations were received.  All three nominees are from organisations in good standing, and so we congratulate the following members who will join the Board of Trustees from1 January 2023:

  1. Michael Chilala from the Zambian Examinations Council
  2. Lorena Garelli Moreno from Anahuac University  (Mexico)
  3. Mafu Rakometsi from Umalusi (South Africa)

Anne Oberholzer
Executive Secretary and Chair: Nominating Committee