39th annual conference (2013)

Educational Assessment 2.0: Technology in Educational Assessment

The Awareness and Readiness of Some Technical Education Teachers to Engage Technology in Assessment at Kaduna Polytechnic, Nigeria 162.60 KB 4 downloads

The use of technology in assessment is a trend that is fast gaining ground across...

The Correlation Heuristic: Interpretations of the Pearson Coefficient of Correlation are Optimistically Biased 320.73 KB 5 downloads

This research examined the relationship between the Pearson correlation coefficient...

The Objective Borderline method (OBM): A probability-based model for determining an objective Pass/Fail cut-off score for Borderline grades 368.79 KB 1 downloads

The decision to pass or fail a student is the most critical in ‘,high stakes’,...

The Practicability of Microsoft OneNote as an Introductory Package for E-Portfolios in High-Stakes National Assessment 629.05 KB 1 downloads

The national moderation of school based assessment conducted by the Independent Examinations...

The Reliability of Complex Item Types for Assessing Cognitive Ability 244.90 KB 1 downloads

The term ’,reliability’, is most often used as a statistical estimate defining...

The system for e-assessment of written works 352.27 KB 1 downloads

The presentation covers the “,System for E-Assessment of Written Works”,,...

Thinking Tools in Computer-based Assessment of Critical Thinking: Technology Advancements in Large-scale Assessment 203.31 KB 4 downloads

Major educational initiatives in the world place great emphasis on fostering rich...

Transitions – Admission to Higher Education 378.40 KB 1 downloads

In Hungary, major changes are taking place in the system of higher education. The...

Validity and Automated Essay Scoring: A Summary Paper 275.41 KB 1 downloads

In the United States, automated essay scoring is used in many large-scale testing...